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AI Powered Tax Notice Management Solution

NoticeHub simplifies tax notice management for businesses by using Artificial Intelligence to handle tax notices from any agency and for any tax type. With NoticeHub, you’ll significantly reduce time spent on managing notices, boosting workflow efficiency and accuracy.

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Key Features

Revolutionize Your Tax Notice Management Process

Rapid Data Extraction and Storage

Utilize state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to extract critical data from tax notices and store it in seconds.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Experience a smart workflow that spots duplicate and related notices, complete with email notifications for next actions and due dates.

Collaborative Interface

Say goodbye to email chains. Upload documents, annotate notices, and engage in discussions directly within the platform, fostering an interactive processing environment.

Centralized Cloud Repository

Keep all your notices in one place. NoticeHub serves as your team’s single source of truth, offering a central hub for all notices and related information.

The Process

How NoticeHub works


Effortless Upload

Drag and drop your scanned tax notice PDFs onto the dashboard, whether single, in batches or even multiple notices in one PDF file.


Instant Processing

Multiple notices will be separated and translated if necessary, with key data extracted in seconds.


Comprehensive Data Points

Extracted data includes tax agency info, taxpayer info, tax periods, tax types, notice types, due dates, and amounts.


Data Verification

User reviews are encouraged to confirm accuracy. Although best-in-class AI is used for data extraction, it is not infallible.


Advanced Processing Features

Add documents, annotate notices and assign tasks within your team. Each action is logged and timestamped for transparency.


Customisable Notifications & Reporting

Stay informed with customizable email notifications for upcoming due dates and new task assignments.

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Transform Your Tax Notice Management Today with NoticeHub

This overview barely scratches the surface of NoticeHub's capabilities. Discover how NoticeHub streamlines your operations, freeing your team to focus on what matters most. With a suite of features to simplify and accelerate tax notice tracking and processing, we invite you to experience the full potential of NoticeHub through a virtual demo.


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